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Gangs Rules

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Gangs rules:


1. Gangs are not allowed to attack other gangs without valid IC reason as related to death-matching rule in server offense.
2. Gang members & Leaders are committed to role-play every scene, while doing it without breaking any rules, or disrespect other players by using rude words
3. Gangs are not allowed to attack other gang HQ's without IC valid reason, They'll face heavy punishment as result - possibly be strike for breaking server offense.
*Must be any kind of reason attacking other gang members from different gangs must have good reason to do so by following rules.

* Raids and robberies will are allowed as long its role played by both sides - You are not ALLOWED to force other player to roleplay any scene.
*If found out it was force roleplay - the player will be set in prison for Power-gaming /force roleplay.
4. Gangs members allowed to use any uniform as long there is no active gang war, but they are expected to wear their own gang uniform permanently.
*While there is active gang war which its turf/point - Gangs members are force to wear gang uniform or else they will be set in prison for attending turf/point without gang skin/uniform.

5. Gangs leaders [R4+] are not allowed to join new members without roleplaying it properly - Otherwise they'll be set in prison for mass-recruit.
6. Gangs members are not allowed to promote low rank members as temp for points/rank, only the leaders from R4+ allowed to capture turfs/points until these who low rank getting promoted as without any connection to gang wars.
7. Gangs leaders are forced to roleplay while they are giving out rank to other members and specifically while promoting low ranks to high ranks like R4+
8. Gang member who joined 30 minutes before active turf/point is not allowed to attend it, if found out they'll face punishment
according to server offense.
9. each gang allowed to have at-least three main leaders [R6],  If found out they having more than three R6 they'll face punishment.
10. Sub-gangs are NOT ALLOWED, if found out both gangs will automatically disbanded  without any occurrence to apply for any gang in feature.
punishment will be blacklisted from creating gangs or having R4+ rank.
11. inviting alts account to gangs are not allowed and strike able, specially not before active gang war.

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