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Point Guide & Rules

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This thread is a guideline for gang members, especially for gang leaders including point wars rules.
Notice that points gang wars are out of character, along with that 
Server rules are still valid - breaking any of the following rules will lead for punishments against the accused player(s). Along with that, his own gang will possibly get a strike/removed which basically depends on gang management's decision.

* Gang management is giving the final decision about any gang(s), any indirect way to avoid punishments from gang management would result in a more severe punishment  - possibly get banned from creating any gang creation application.
Along with that, spamming gang management or pushing them to do any of your requests will lead extending the time of the answer for your request or probably not be accepted, be patient until they review it.

Information about point wars:
Point wars are out of character gangs fight(War) between few gangs(/gangs) in order to take control of the currently active point (/points)
It will be considered as OOC war but made in-character by using weapons and fighting with other people which are attempting to capture it (/capturepoint), be aware that points are made for gangs activity which means civilians are not allowed to attend it. Civillians cannot attend points.
Note: Server Offenses related to point wars.Breaking any of these rules will lead for heavy punishment by gang management.

Point rules:

1. Shooting outside of point boundaries are not allowed, as long the players are not rushing inside the point or chasing another player.
*Snipers are allowed to snipe from outside of point boundaries.
2. Shooting before the point is not allowed. Points usually starts at [xx:01]
3. Shooting after the point is not allowed, as point is Out of character gang fight war players are not allowed to continue attacking when the point is over.
4. Attending point without family uniform will lead to prison as it's not allowed to attend with the civilian uniform.
5. Lag capture is not allowed -  gang members who capture point while they are not able to see other players inside point area and spending their time in another virtual world in-game.
6. Using animations inside active point is not allowed in any kind of way.
7. Attending point without any intention to capture it or attending it alone without any other gang members.
8. Double capture or exploiting is not allowed - You cannot capture the same point twice for your own gang or capture it to save for your alliance gang so they will capture it while attending point.
9. Wanted suspect players are not allowed to attend point or if he gets chased by LVPD or any other law enforcement.
10. Frisking players is not allowed as points are Out of character gang fight wars and frisking is not allowed in any way even outside of point or re-groups.
11. Healing in gunfight is not allowed, you cannot accept any vest or heal inside 24/7 while you're under fire and involved in gunfight with other gang members.
12. If you died inside point, you may come back as its Out of character gun fight and not related to server offense .

Point Commands:

(/Capturepoint) - Gang members which they are rank 4+ are allowed to capture points.
(/Pointinfo) - will show up the current point that got captured, along with name and time and the location.
(/Points) - will show up list of points, including time and gangs which captured the point.
(/Gangpoints) - It will show which points your gang is holding, also can be checked by using (/points) command.

Note: Attending point will automatically turn your (/bandana) on as  your leader/gang member entering inside point war bounds.

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