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  1. I wish everyone best of luck!
  2. [Accepted] Gregory's Gang Application

    Looks nice, supported man. See you after 1 month
  3. Roleplay level

    Dear Carmine, The roleplay level of this server is medium. - Shawn Katana
  4. CAR-THEFT RING BUST [www.VenturasNews.com]

    For god sakes.
  5. [Accepted]Shawn Katana's Suggestion

    Player Name: Shawn_Katana Suggestion: Private car chat How will it benefit the server? Make a private car chat. When the windows are rolled down, the people inside the car can only hear private local chat, not the people outside and when the windows are rolled up, everyone near the car hear whatever we're saying.
  6. Who else waiting for the server to release? I'm so damn excited about the server's release as i am waiting for a rp server in las venturas for years and finally a cool server is coming up.
  7. [Closed] Mason's Suggestion

    Player Name: Mason Lamar Suggestion: I was in a server where there was a nice and cool speedcam system. I hope to see that in this server too. I saw many people got their suggestions accepted so here i am with mine. How will it benefit the server? This will help the server in many ways. This will enhance the roleplay and will cause less non rp driving around a huge ass town like LV you know what i mean.
  8. Hello i'm Mason Lamar. I am waiting for the server to release as this server seems very nice and promising. I saw some sneak peaks and they were cool. So, yeah lets see how this server goes!