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  1. Anonymous chat

    I can add ip filter in /anon
  2. Anonymous chat

    Anonymous global chat is a special chat that requires a password to access it or write on it. First you need type /anonchat and set password, now share password with your friends. Type /anon <text> for write anonymous messages. - No body know who are you. - Admin don't see anything without password. - No chat logging inside server. - Is not possible to report anonymous player.
  3. #hashtag @mentions

    Hashtags and mentions is possible to use on /g and /newb Example: Jane_Doe -> /g Hi @John_Doe how are you ? John_Doe -> [Notification] You were just mentioned in a chat by Jane Doe Player special hash tags: #admin - will need admin #help - will need Helper #assistant - will need Assistant Manager #hacker - someone is a hacker #vip - will need VIP #police - requesting for Police #ems - requesting for EMS #hitman - requesting for Hitman #gov - requesting for Government #news - requesting for News Agency #army - requesting for Army #road - requesting for Roadside Assistance Admin specal hash tags: #everyone - tell to everyone #banned - ban everywhere #spawned - tell to spawned players #spec - tell to spec admins The use of each hashtag is billed on /top