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  1. Gang Name Cartel De Tijuana Gang Story Gregory Thomas was born on 17th January, 1990. His family background was Mexican. His father was in a mexican gang named Cartel De Tijuana. His mother left him and his father when Gregory was only 10 years old. She became a stripper and started working as a whore in San Fierro's Visage Hotel. His father used to be in the gang and Gregory also started to be involved in gang's illegal works. At the age of 18, Gregory started dealing drugs, crafting and selling weapons, traficing children and drugs and murdering became his profession. After some months, his father died in a gang war. The gang war was between Cartel De Tijuana and Japanese MC. Japanese MC won the war and taken control of San Fierro. Cartel De Tijuana was dead. However, Gregory ran to Las Venturas saving his life from Japanese MC. In Las Venturas, he saw a brighter future of himself. He joined a Mafia gang and started working for them. He became an important menber of the Mafia. After some months, they had some misunderstandings between Gregory and the mafia leader. They decided to kick Gregory from the Mafia. After that Gregory became homeless and found nothing to do. After being homeless for a week, he remembered about Cartel De Tijuana and how it used to be. He made a planning of making Cartel De Tijuana in Las Venturas and make it succesful to take revenge from the Mafia. As he was an important member in the Mafia, he had connections with many big drug and weapon suppliers. He took their help and got many serious members. They decided to keep the HQ away from the town where police keeps a strong eye of themselves. Many mexican people of Las Venturas started joining Cartel De Tijuana and Gregory became rich and took a revenge from Mafia by killing their members and the leader. All the members from Mafia who were left joined Cartel De Tijuana and it became the known in the underworld of Las Venturas and parts of Desert. Gang Skins Gang Vehicles 2x Huntley 1x Bobcat 4x Savanna 2x FCR-900 Gang Headquarters Gang leader and Members Gregory Thomas (Leader) John Thomas (Co-Leader) Jimmy Makarova Stanislav Nikolov